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the armor and helmet designs for an upcoming video game, witcher 3 wild hunt
Gchojnacki-saskia-lowpoly (1) by Scratcherpen on DeviantArt
Gchojnacki-saskia-lowpoly (1) by on @DeviantArt
three different poses of a woman in native clothing
Nora Silent Hunter Outfit Art - Horizon Zero Dawn Art Gallery
Nora Silent Hunter Outfit from Horizon Zero Dawn
the concept art for holozon's character creation
The Art of Woo Kim
a woman dressed in armor standing with her arms spread out and holding two swords on one arm
Carja Storm Ranger Outfit Art - Horizon Zero Dawn Art Gallery
Carja Storm Ranger Outfit
two people dressed in costumes standing next to each other
Princess Mwaxanaré and little brother Prince Na; Tomb of Annihilation (D&D 5e)
Fantasy Artwork, Steampunk, Fantasy Character Design, Maori, Maori Art, Fantasy Inspiration
Maori warrior, giorgio baroni
a drawing of a man dressed in native american clothing holding a spear and wearing a red cape
Been a bit crazy lately, but here’s a few bits of what I’ve been...
two people are in a boat with feathers on their head and one is holding a paddle
Elves of the Southern Chains , Matt Lara
a man with a tattoo on his arm
Tattoo Pics
SHANE TATTOOS: MORE INK #maori #tattoo #tattoos
an advertisement with instructions on how to use the hairbrush for different types of hair
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"Always gift, never keep for ones self." Bought a lot of greenstone but gifted them all to loved ones. Only kept the ones from auntie Kelly and the toki from Koro.
Maori and Polynesian Outfits, Larp, Inspiration, Polynesian People, Maori People, Indigenous Peoples, Maori Designs
Productions Wardrobe - Maori and Polynesian
Maori and Polynesian
a wooden comb with an owl's face on it
One of the greatest Maori carvers created this Heru comb. Pataromu Tamatea.
a woman in a fur coat holding a baseball bat and posing for the camera with her tongue out
Native Artz Portraits - preserve and share your heritage
three women in native clothing are standing together and raising their hands up to the sky
New Zealand: Death Tattoos & the Maori - SevenPonds Blog
maori women
a group of people standing next to each other in front of the ocean at sunset
Best Clothing For New Zealand
Best Clothing For New Zealand