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How to Care for your Art Wall Art, Art, Put Together, Take Care Of Yourself, Take Care, You Can Do, Wall
How to Care for your Art
Learn how to properly take care of your wall art! Ensure your artwork lasts for years to come with this expert advice.
How to Hang Multi-panel Wall Art Layout, Multi Panel Wall Art, How To Hang, Panel Wall, Panel Wall Art, Multi Panel Canvas, Roll Up, Wall Paneling, Tips And Tricks
How to Hang Multi-Panel Wall Art
Don't stress about figuring out how to display your wall art - just follow these easy tips and tricks for putting together the perfect multi-panel layout that will spruce up any space!
The Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide Wall Art Size Guide, Art Size Guide, King Or Queen Bed, Creative Wall Decor, Above Couch, Multi Panel Art, Wall Art Size, Long Hallway
The Ultimate Wall Art Size Guide
Deciding on the right size wall art can be daunting! We’ve made it super easy for you to pick the best size print for your space.
the large wall art ideas for your living room are easy to do and can be done in minutes
Living Room Large Wall Art Ideas
Large wall art can make a HUGE difference in your living space! Add an oversized print to the most essential room in your home. Consider these tips when browsing for the perfect piece of artwork to elevate your living room.
the words good vibes are written in orange and yellow with an arrow pointing to it
Fill your Home with Positivity
Your home should be your sanctuary. Create a positive living space with the right decor. Curate an uplifting environment with these clever tips and tricks!
the rug guide 1011 is shown with an arrow pointing up to it's end
Choose the Perfect Rug!
We’re ALL about rugs in every area of your home! They instantly make each space feel more defined. Plus, they add a crucial element of coziness! If you have an open floor plan, a rug can help to separate the function of each space. Rugs also provide visual warmth, especially if you have hardwood flooring in your main living area.
the interior design 101 book is shown with an orange chair and potted cacti
Home Decor Tips
These simple design tricks will help you spruce up every room in your home.
a dog sitting on top of a chair next to a pink circle with the words 4 reasons why you need art at the workplace
Art in the Workspace
The right piece of art can completely transform any atmosphere. A carefully curated interior can brighten the overall mood. This is why you should consider enhancing your office or workspace with wall art! After all, a company is only successful if its employees feel motivated and inspired.
a blue dresser with a pink lamp on top and the words maximum space in every room above it
Home Tip - Maximize your Space
There's room for improvement in every home. It’s important to recognize the importance of making your space feel as open and airy as possible. Here are some tips that will help you make the most of every room, from your living room to your sleeping space.
gallery wall Wall Art Collection, Gallery Walls, Gallery Wall Art
Gallery walls are ALWAYS a good idea!
Create your own with your favorite pieces from our Gallery Wall Art collection.
a pink potted plant with the words welcome to the jungle
Any plant-lovers out there?
Bring some life into your space! 🌿 plants are the perfect way to add timeless style and color to your interior. Trust me - you won't regret it!
the 60 - 30 - 10 rules for color mixing
The 60-30-10 rule
The 60-30-10 rule is a great way to create a harmonious color palette and ensure that a room doesn't look too cluttered or chaotic. It's also a flexible guideline that can be adapted to suit your personal style and taste.
a purple shower curtain with the words always look for a unique shower curtain for your bathroom
Bathroom Tips
Don't forget to give your shower curtain the spotlight it deserves! 🧼 It's the star of the bathroom show! 🤩
a red curtain with the words measure twice, cut once
Curtain Hanging Tips
Here are two simple rules regarding curtain length that works on almost any window: -Hang your rod level, at least halfway between your ceiling and the top of your window -Measure (twice!) & cut and hem your panels so they just graze the floor when hung
the different types of marbles that aren't marble are shown in this poster
Countertop materials that aren't marble.
Marble surfaces are beautiful and timeless, but that doesn’t mean they’re the only option for modern countertops! Don’t get us wrong, we love marble, but there are so many incredible alternatives. Which one is your favorite?