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Flying Cars over a Future City Street.  www.AmericaUSARealEstate.com

Angel City - Futuristic City Concepts by Stephan Martiniere (FUN FACT! This image is featured on the cover of Iron Savior's Megatropolis album)

Stephanie Buer & Mary Iverson "After" @ Thinkspace Gallery, Culver City: maryiverson_Glacier,-12-x-12-inches,-acrylic,-ink,-found-photograph...

Mary Iverson (USA) Mary Iverson (Seattle) is a painter and public artist. Her work portrays the clash between globalization and the environment, offering visions of container ships as they collide.

Paintings / "Alternative Sights-2", 2010 | Minoru Nomata

Paintings / "Alternative Sights-2", 2010 | Minoru Nomata

Steven Universe - D. A.: Kevin Dart

Steven Universe is a coming-of-age story told from the perspective of Steven, a chubby and happy-go-lucky boy and the youngest member of an intergalactic team of warriors called the Crystal Gems.