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an old man sitting in a chair with a quote on it that says, when you're 20 you care what everybody thinks
Thinking – Bits Of Wisdom
a blue bird sitting on the ground next to a wall with a drawing of a woman
#rest #still
a lion's face with the words, the fear of god is the death of every
The Fear of God is the death of every other fear; Like a mighty lion, it chases all other fears before it" - C.M. Spurgeon
a man in a tuxedo with a quote from c s spureon on him
Waiting On The Lord
You may think you can live fine without Christ, but you cannot afford to die without Him. C.H. Spurgeon
a man standing on top of a rocky hill with a quote above him that reads every christian is either a missionary or an imposter
Saturate | Leading disciples of Jesus toward gospel saturation
Every Christian is either a missionary or an imposter. —Charles Spurgeon
a black and white poster with the words in front of you is never bigger than the corpse
There will be tough days, but keep the faith..., and you will get through it, and you will be glad down the road that you had the opportunity to do it!
a lion with the quote god doesn't give the hardest battles to his toughest soldiers
a sign with the words read your bible written on it in front of some trees
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an old woman with her hands clasped to her face and the words, when you know how much god is in love with you, then live
I. Can't. Help. Myself. His Love oozes out of every pore when I stay in tune with His Spirit. :D ♡♡♡♡♡♡
Blessed Mother Teresa - interesting way of understanding what true love is Love Hurts, Mother Teresa Quotes, What's True Love, It Hurts, True Love
Blessed Mother Teresa - interesting way of understanding what true love is