Egoist Clothing

Egoist Clothing

New Zealand / Distinctive menswear like nothing else in New Zealand, Egoist has set out to change not only how men look at fashion but at themselves!
Egoist Clothing
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Sounds like it

Getting more and more comfortable with this notion. I now have a day timer and create my future one day or sometimes one week at a time. I predict as I get older and better at planning ahead, I will begin to create weeks/months/years into the future.

Tree House Restaurant by Pacific Environments Ltd, NZ

Perched high in the treetops is the stunning Yellow Treehouse Restaurant by the New Zealand based Pacific Environments Architects Ltd. This treehouse restaurant resides on the north of Auckland, New Zealand, nestled into a 40 meter high redwood tree.

Cliff Top House, Big Sur, California

Cliff House on Big Sur Coast, California, USA. I love Big Sur. One of my favorite places to go. How would I love to have a house overlooking the ocean at Big Sur :)