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a large tree that is in the middle of a field with trees growing out of it
The knotted arbosculpture of a 'Spider's Web' tree (strangler fig)
a large tree with holes in it next to a brick wall and trees on the other side
Untitled Document
The "Basket Tree" Was Formed by "Weaving" Six Sycamore Trees Together
a large green tree in the middle of a park
Árbol Gigante
an old tree with holes in the bark and moss growing on it's sides
Her "Majesty" (pedunculate oak '1720'). Fairy tale oak tree considered to be the mightiest and finest of all ancient trees in Britain. She is also considered the thickest tree in Britain, her trunk 13ft across with a circumference of 40ft when measured at chest height. She is over 500 years old & is entirely hollow inside, as is very often the case with old oak trees.
an old tree that is in the grass
The Thinking Tree - An ancient olive tree in Puglia, Italy
a large tree sitting next to a lake filled with green grass and lots of trees
weeping willow
weeping willow | nice tree in town green in boston | Brian Bisaillon | Flickr
an image of a tree that has been painted blue and green with the words cool fact 555
After Seeing These Photos, I Will Never Look At Earth The Same Again
Rainbow Eucalyptus tree
brutalgeneration: “Lonesome Tree at Waimea Canyon Kauai (by BBMaui) ” Kauai, Hawaiian Islands, Kauai Hawaii, Waimea Canyon, Lone Tree, Breathtaking Places, Fairy Queen, Jeju
Natures Doorways
brutalgeneration: “Lonesome Tree at Waimea Canyon Kauai (by BBMaui) ”