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Bijoux, Antique Rings, Antique Jewelry, Mourning Jewelry, Medieval Jewelry, Memento Mori Ring, Vintage Jewelry, Gold Ring, Jewelery
Archaeology & Art (@archaeologyart) on X
a skeleton with a banner in its hand
Manifattura lombarda sec. XIX, Stendardo processionale con Gesù Cristo
Concept Art, Cool Symbols, Factions, The Legion, Rpg, Vector Art, Undead, Graphic, Dark Souls
Blackstone Legion
a skull and crossbones on a white background
Recherches historiques et littéraires sur les danses des morts et sur l'origine des cartes à jouer / Gabriel Peignot. - Dijon : V. Lagier, 1826. - LX-[2]-367-[1] p. : pl. ; in-8
an old drawing of a coat of arms with flowers and leaves on the chest, surrounded by other symbols
a black and yellow line drawing of a square object with a triangle in the middle
“All Skull”. Un proyecto de Ales Santos | Domestika
All Skull 10
a card with a skull wearing a hat and a cat sitting on top of it
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