Águila Mexicana

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an old book with the title mexico y sus sumbolos written in spanish
the front cover of a spanish book with an eagle on it's left side
a pencil drawing of a bird with wings
the flag of the united states of north carolina is shown in red, white and green
an eagle with a crown on top of it and the word imppetacles
Imperio mexicano
an old postcard with the flag and coat of arms on it's side
Cigarette Card - Arms & Flag of Mexico
Cigarette Card - Arms & Flag of Mexico
a postage stamp with the flag of mexico and an american flag on it's side
Issued by Kinney Brothers Tobacco Company | Mexico, from the National Flag on Domino series (T177) issued by Kinney Brothers to promote Sweet Caporal Cigarettes | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
a stamp with an image of a man in uniform and the flag of italy on it
Allen & Ginter | Admiral, Mexico, from the Naval Flags series (N17) for Allen & Ginter Cigarettes Brands | The Metropolitan Museum of Art
an old flag that has been hung on the wall
Mexican Juarista forces flag 1860s
the coat of arms and swords are on display