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I'd put it on my reusable coffee cup

Sirenbucks by Ellador (I really like Starbucks, but I do love Ariel!) Can I please get this printed on a travel cup?

wow i love this-but i dont really consider any days 'bad' days unless they're REALLY BAD like i can cry alot bad- i had feeling off "ehh" days this year maybe only three or four "bad" days

How was your day today ? This year I decided to track my days and making a pixel picture of 2016 !e votre journée aujourdhui ?

Harry Potter ❤

But notice that the pure blood families have more members than the muggle born and half blood.

Niffler on necklace!

Niffler on necklace! From fantastic beasts and where 2 find them

They grow up so fast! :'(

I'd like to point out that Hermione stopped smiling 1 year before Harry and Ron did. She probably knew the danger long before them <--- I'd like to point out that Harry stopped smiling after year two and Hermoine smiled year three.

This is just as the story goes and how each brother dies, amazing :o

"After all this time?"Always" The three brothers, each with their Deathly Hallow; a truth to the character, spirit and embrace of Death unique to the brother