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mystic messenger 彡★ Can we just talk about how good male!mc looks?

Oh god so true ahahahha

Irl I wouldn't have been like "oh what's the password for the door random creepy stranger".


This is why I love 707 xD MM + Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun cross over

My glorious children, oh and don't forget my daughter Jaehee.

My glorious children, oh and don't forget my daughter Jaehee. << XD Maybe I would name them after them if I ever get married and have children

You need to fuck down seven

Not agreed, he can be as cute as he wants to be cuz that means more fangirling for me

Mystic messenger

Me. Like I have a group chat with people and online with random peeps, and there just all talking and I'm here just reading althins putting in some input once in a while

Yes in some situations this is true

Yes it's sooo annoying, it's like I wanna just scream at them let me help you or something and the games just like nah have a really stupid and insensitive answer

Aaawww it's seven!

lol I was scrolling and thought it was the default version and sighed and then I scrolled down more and saw my munchkin

I will do the same thing if I see some one like that waiting for me

Save this kid

Save this kid This is exactly what I thought happened when this dialogue came XD