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a neon sign that says you glow girl on the side of a wall next to a potted plant
You Glow Girl. #neonlight #glow #girl #inspirational
someone is standing on the sidewalk with their feet covered in fluffy white slippers that read let's getter humans
Gallery | haileywelch
an email to someone on their phone with the caption that reads, do not let adults steal this generation from you reiish in selfies snapchat pictures
"chiefest and greatest of calamaties" lmfao!! Writing Prompts, Writing, Jokes, Humour, Feminism, Truth, Words, Text Posts
"chiefest and greatest of calamaties" lmfao!!
the text on this page says, i don't know what they are talking about
Dismantle the patriarchy!
two tweets that are on the same page, one has been changed to change the
On point... #MarchForOurLives #NYCpic.twitter.com/fnIdIydgp3 Protest Signs, March For Our Lives, Power To The People, Protest, Equality, Lives Matter
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On point... #MarchForOurLives #NYCpic.twitter.com/fnIdIydgp3
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the text is written in red and white
Statistically you have less chance of receiving a bullet if you play Russian roulette than you do of being sexually assaulted in your lifetime. Shocking odds?!
the tweet is being used to describe women
I'll stop judging men when they stop telling me I should be "happy" to get attention from pervs twice my age...