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how to make a baby changing mat in under thirty minutes with free sewing pattern and instructions
Sew your own baby changing mat in thirty minutes
Need a thrifty baby gift in a rush? Sew up a baby changing mat in thirty minutes. Step by step tutorial. This is a great gift for any expectant mother.
the lunch bag is made from reusable lunch bags and has a sandwich in it
50 Beginner-Friendly DIY Sewing Projects
two small dogs are laying on a pink and white dog bed in the middle of a room
Make a Cool “Envelope” Dog Bed!
a mother and daughter holding hands with the text beginner sewing project how to make an elastic waist skirt
How to Make an Elastic Waistband Skirt | Megan Nielsen Patterns Blog
someone using scissors to cut fabric on a piece of cloth with red nail polishes
FREE scrub cap pattern and tutorial
three pink bow ties are shown on the screen, with measurements for each one and how to measure them
Welcome My Blog
a child's apron with spoons in it hanging on a wooden fence and the words diy kids apron
DIY Kids Apron - Easy Craft and Sew
a pair of scissors with yellow and black polka dots on them are being used to cut fabric
Molly's Handmade Napkins
Molly’s Handmade Napkins | Purl Soho
a stack of cloths sitting on top of a wooden table
72 Sewing Projects for the Home
Save money with these easy DIY dinner napkins made from fat quarters.