Art Class: Mobiles & Stabiles

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an art project with some tassels hanging from it's sides and the words salt dough wall hanging
DIY Wall Hanging - Salt Dough Art Project — ART CAMP
wall hanging
a multicolored star mobile hanging on a wall next to a white wall with a string
Glitter Star Mobiles with Kids
Make glitter star mobiles with cereal box cardboard, wooden beads, and wire.
two metal wind chimes hanging from strings with leaves and shells on them, one is multicolored
Tumbled Glass Suncatcher - Project #179
Tumbled Glass Suncatcher - Project #179
an intricately designed piece of art hangs on the wall next to another artistic object
Wet yarn with glue, arrange on wax paper, allow to dry~Moon~by Elaine Carstairs Beautiful. I suspect the children would have a blast creating this, and then tracing it.
an image of a mobile that is on the wall with some lights hanging from it
All You Is Now a Part of Southern Living
DIY Craft: Tin-Can Wind Chime
a wind chime hanging on the side of a white wall with blue and orange beads
a wall hanging made out of sticks, yarn and wooden dows with various items on it
DIY Mobiles
DIY mobile
a metal sculpture with various colored shapes on it's sides and wheels in front of a white background
Jean Tinguely sculpture_meta_mecanique_automobile
the cover of an art study book
Artist Study with Kids: Alexander Calder
kids make faces from wire in the style of American artist and sculptor Alexander Calder
a group of fish and sea creatures hanging from strings
free motion fish mobile and book tour!
Fish Mobile
the instructions for how to make an origami bird
C'est la récré chez ClémenceG. # 3 !!
an artistic paper sculpture made to look like a circle with two arrows in the center
Deconstructed Kandinsky Circles