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Eckhard Stalmann
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pantelis: Aron, Rollacoaster magazine

Pantelis World - Aron, Rollacoaster magazine

No me interesa la aceptación de nadie  Si a mi me gusta quienes son ellos para juzgarme

Love the long tail feather, nice idea for wrist

Tattoo for the baby?

Make the watch a compass, move the rose up and have the key dangle a bit below the rose. Compass starting at shoulder and key ending about two inches above elbow. Dylan inscribed on compass. Rachel on feather, Breanna on rose and Addy on key.

But he's actually so handsome

It reminds me of that Amy Pond quote about how a person's personality can become written on their face over time.and how Rory is the most beautiful man she has ever met. ❤ Plus, this is so me and my crush :)

everything in my life has led me to you

I feel like everything in my life has led me to you. My choices, my heart breaks, my regrets, everything. And when we're together, my past seems worth it because if I had done one thing differently I might never have met you. Love my husband!

60 Non Traditional Wedding Vows

Non Traditional Wedding Vows

I'd choose you! Pokemon Valentine.

I'd choose you!

In a hundred Lifetimes, In a hundred Worlds, In any version of Reality, I'd Find you, And I'd Choose You

I walked into love with you. I chose you. with eyes wide open and heart on my sleeve. I chose you. and I will keep choosing you. forever and a day.

I will love you when ... If you want the best officiant for your Outer Banks, NC, ceremony, contact Rev. Barbara Mulford:

I will love you when you are feeling unlovable and will accept your love when I am feeling unlovable. I will remember that we are stronger together than we are as individuals and I will not walk away from a challenge.

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