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a ballerina is bending down on the floor in front of a black and white background
I did an art project my senior year of just drawings and photographs of ballerinas. I love this shot.
a woman leaning against a brick wall with her head in her hands and the words, this
Concentración / ballet dancer lady calm relax concentration mono Picture photography people dream / More:
a black and white photo of a ballerina doing a handstand with her legs stretched out
dance... / Ballerinas uploaded by Art & Soul on We Heart It
Pointe Dance Photography! Get some new dance attire or take some dance lessons at Loretta's in Keego Harbor, MI! If you'd like more information just give us a call at (248) 738-9496 or visit our website!
an image of a quote that says if you're dating a dancer raise your hand if not, raise your standards
Dancing quotes this is so funny! i have agreed to marry a dancer someday
a person doing yoga in front of the ocean with a quote on it's back
Dance quote with ballerina pose on the beach
two hands holding each other with the words give a girl the right shoes, and she can conquer the world marilyn monroe
Lai Rupe's Choreography
Love this! Now that you have the right shoes, you just need the right choreography. Lai Rupe's Choreography is Utah's Best!
ballet is a sport which takes strength and effort to an art which takes pride and grace
Dance quote :)it also makes you feel free out on that dance floor & it never matters who is watchin I would rather they come join me
a woman with her hair blowing in the wind and texting that reads, they told me i couldn't so what's why i did it?
Lai Rupe's Choreography
Many people said I couldn't be a professional dancer choreographer, but here I am. Utah's Best Dance Choreography starts with Lai Rupe.
a woman in a red and black leotard with her feet up on the wall
Lai Rupe's Choreography
Keep your head high and your Battement higher... All I can do is keep trying...