Example. GCSE AQA Art & Design; Textile Design

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Andy Sturgeons copper circles
28+ ideas abstract landscape artists kurt jackson #landscape

1. Landscape

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katy biele - un ricamo floreale
A2 Textiles

2. Flowers

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Brett Walker | Flickr

3. Identity

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Hussein Chalayan | COLLECTIF TEXTILE
Jennifer Collier Style Paper Dress

4. Transform

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future girl, Future Fashion, Iris Van Herpen, futuristic look, futuristic girl, futuristic dress
Senior & Shopmaker Gallery — Jim Dine: Tools - jim dine drawings
‘[no title]’, Jim Dine, 1973 | Tate

5. Mechanical Objects

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Hydrangea Hill Cottage: Moodboard Monday - Freedom Flight

6. Birds & Feathers

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7. Changes

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an old photo of a woman with makeup on her face
Brett Walker | Flickr
three men with different facial shapes on their faces and one man's head in the middle
The Duality of Human Being Expressed By Pablo Thecuadro - IGNANT
Illustrations amazing news Photo Art, Art, Face Art, Photography Illustration, Faces
Illustrations lovely vanguard
Illustrations beauty queen
a collage of two men with their faces cut out to look like the same man
Illustrator of The Week – Pablo Thecuadro
an old woman is holding up a mirror to show her reflection in it's image
Tony Luciani Creates Rehabilitative Portraits of His Elderly Mother
a drawing of a woman's face and neck
Illustrated Portraits by Florian Nicolle
Illustrated portrait by Florian Nicolle
a woman's face is made up of squares
a man's face is made up of cut outs
The Duality of Human Being Expressed By Pablo Thecuadro - IGNANT
a woman's face with torn up pieces of paper
2015 Topic #11: Hidden Objects {Challenge}
close up view of colorful fabric with flowers and feathers on the back of it's cover
Katy Biele and an embroidery inspired by the gardens in Victoria
katy biele - un ricamo floreale