2024. GCSE AQA Art & Design; Textiles Design

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Lorena Cosba | Possibility with students-a self portrait, and a contrasting image to show what's underneath.:
Turkish Artist Upcycles Denim Scraps to Make Realistic Portraits

1. Portrait

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2. Creatures

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Eszter Bornemisza, City Skins ; prachtig werk!

3. Places and Spaces

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4. Colour

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5. Fragments

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6. History

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7. Celebration

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an art work with blue and orange colors
Sue Hotchkis Fibre Artist Contemporary Abstract Art
an abstract painting with red flowers on grey and black paint splattered over it
Arts Thread Homepage
a piece of fabric with green and blue designs on it
fabric book page
an image of colorful crochet work on fabric
two women standing in front of colorful cloths
a piece of blue and green yarn sitting on top of a table
All my favourite colours captured here along with great movement and texture.
an old piece of cloth that has been painted blue and white with peeling paint on it
An entry from //TEXTILE.SYSTEMATISM// Couture, Fashion, Styl, Giyim, Women, Style, Model, Fashion Design, My Style
an abstract painting is displayed on a stone wall
Wall Hanging More
an image of some sort of art that appears to be made out of colored paper
a mannequin with blue paper flowers on it's back and one piece of fabric attached to the torso
AS Textiles
a purple and yellow patchwork wall hanging on a wall next to a white wall
Lavender Flow
Textile art that is all about textures and colors! #textileart #fiberart #fibreart #tactileart
an orange and black painting with sprinkles on it's surface is shown
a drawing of a man with lots of hair on his head
10 Textile Portrait Artists You HAVE to Follow | School of Stitched Textiles