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an advertisement for the mighty disciplianian child beating machine, with two men standing next to it
Teacher of the year 2
Teacher of the year 2 - Imgur
70+ Vintage Books with Hilarious Re-Imagined Titles - Joyenergizer Vintage, Retro, Auto, Journey, Amusing, Parody, Children’s Books, Big Book
70+ Vintage Books with Hilarious Re-Imagined Titles
70+ Vintage Books with Hilarious Re-Imagined Titles - Joyenergizer
an old green shelf filled with books and other items next to a cat figurine
a green glass with a woman sitting on top of it
Green Fairy 3 by curlyhair on DeviantArt
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You Know It’s True #1LinerWeds
an old photo with a quote on it that says you can't control everything your hair was put on your head to remind you of that
you can't control everything. your hair is a good reminder of that lol
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How to make anything sound gangster...
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Yo Mama So Fat...
a can of behnard dehydrated water on a white surface
HUH . . .?!? BERNARD DEHYDRATED WATER Product. (At last, Stephen Wright has some instructions: “I bought some powdered water but I didn’t know what to add.”)*
a man and woman standing next to each other in front of a plate with bread on it
Michigan Private Investigator - Eye Spy Detective Agency
an old fashioned ad with a woman in the bathtub pointing at something on the wall
39 Super Hilarious Pictures LOL Funny - The Funny Beaver
an ad for the land information center, with a man and two children walking together
The Most Ridiculous Health & Beauty Advice You've Ever Been Given...
two children are praying together in front of a blue background with the words 3 on it