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OMG! We had this umpire that called balls strikes and strikes balls it was so frustrating especially being a pitcher I thought I was going to die. thank you Carl

When i see this all i can think is of coach Jess almost tackling our ref one game! [ too true soccer memes ~", " When i see this all i can thi

12 too true soccer memes ~ GLOBAL FÚTBOL TRAINING

12 too true soccer memes ~ This just proves girls are stronger that boys💪🏻💁🏽

Men's Hoodies

Men's Hoodies

Top 10 Most Extreme Moments Of Life On The Edge. I have realized that even if we meet again. You won't fix me. You aren't interested in me. So I won't accept you. And I won't. I can even be your friend anymore. Even If I want to I can. You don't fit me anymore. We would have to start from zero. But that's not an option. You are a “Brand new" you all grown up! I love all of your pic there isn't one I don't like. So this is. You were my friend once but not anymore cause I passed the line. Is…

Sky Dive with wife and have the perfect kiss in mid air. I'm so scared of heights I don't think I could ever do it but it's on my bucket list of being scared shitless.