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the letters and numbers are made out of plastic cups
Alphabet stamps with foam stickers and plastic bottle caps. Just be sure to put the letter on backwards when needed! So easy!
a cardboard box with clothes pins and letters on it that spell out the word fine motor letter matching activity
Upper and Lowercase Letter Matching with a Box!
Set up a simple fine motor activity to work on letter recognition. This letter matching activity can be set up various ways depending on your child's skill level: alphabetical order, uppercase/ lowercase letter recognition, sequencing, etc!
the alphabet sound jump on the trampoline is fun for kids to play with
Alphabet Sounds Fishing and Matching game - The Imagination Tree
Jumping on the alphabet trampoline literacy game
a bunch of toilet paper rolls sitting on top of a wooden table next to a white bucket
Alphabet Sounds Fishing and Matching game - The Imagination Tree
Alphabet ping-pong drop literacy game
the alphabet beans matching game is an easy way to practice letters and numbers with kids
Matching Alphabet Beans Literacy Game - The Imagination Tree
Use some ordinary, dry butter beans (sold in a bag at the supermarket) and a black sharpie to create a set of alphabet beans for literary play!
a plastic container filled with balls and a net
Alphabet Sounds Fishing and Matching game - The Imagination Tree
Fishing for the alphabet game
the alphabet and numbers worksheet is shown
Learning the Alphabet Sneak Peek
Letter Formation Worksheets
a notebook with the letter of the day and an image of a bird on it
Preschool Letter Worksheets
Free Letter of the Day Worksheets. These worksheets provide children with different skill building activities on a daily basis. -Read & Identify the letter -Say the Sound -Trace Uppercase -Trace Lowercase -Write Uppercase & Lowercase -Color Beginning letter animal -Seek and Find letter -Draw (items that begin with your letter) -ABC Order
two apples cut out to spell the letter q and r
Back to School Center FREE
FREE Back to School Alphabet Center: Upper and Lower case apple match. A fun activity for Preschool and Kindergarten.
an alphabet handwriting practice sheet with the letter e and a pencil on top of it
Free Alphabet & Picture Tracing Printables
Free Alphabet Letter & Picture Tracing
printable letters for the classroom
Bulletin Board Letters - Classroom Decor
Printable Letters for the Classroom
four different types of alphabets with the words abc and d in each letter,
ABC Exercise Cards - Homeschool Share
ABC Exercise Cards - Use at circle time and pick one at rancom to do with students
the color and movement game for toddlers is on the floor next to cubes
Color and Movement for a Rainy Day
Color and Movement Game. you can use old tissue boxes or print a card stock block from here: instead of buying the photo cube blocks she used. Cute game:)