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Netsuke: Ox with boy playing flute, century Japanese Wood, ivory, metal 根付, 日本

JAPANESE CARVED IVORY NETSUKE Meiji Period (1868-1912). Signed Masatami. Of a monkey, with a magnifying glass, viewing an insect on a persimmon. Height 1 1/2 inches

Carved ivory netsuke of monkey with a magnifying glass viewing an insect on a persimmon by Masatami, Japan, Meji period


Bonnie Mullinax: Netsuke/Ivory------lots of great fantastic boxes


Netsuke "Three Rabbits" - a traditional kimono accessory. Netsuke (根付) are miniature sculptures that were invented in Japan to serve a practical function and act as decoration and hung from the obi.


Masatoshi ( Nakamura Tokisada) - Baku Monster Who Eats Nightmares - netsuke - LACMA by Marshall Astor

Tsukamoto Kyokusai (Japan) Camellia, late 19th-early 20th century Netsuke, Ivory with light staining, sumi

Camelia netsuke, Tsukamoto Kyokusai (Japan), late century, Ivory with light staining, sumi.

Susan Wraight: Midnight

Midnight by Susan Wraight Netsuke, hand-carved & stained boxwood, inlaid amber and gold leaf eyes;