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a woman is using gardening shears to cut the topiary
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Maintaining a Simple Pyramid Shape Step 1: Form a teepee with three bamboo stakes tied together at the top with twine or a rubber band. Step 2: Using sharp hand pruners or shears , prune following the stake guide. Snip small amounts at a time, standing back frequently to check precision. Topiaries look great in multiples.
three large potted plants sitting next to each other
Our Best Container Gardening Ideas
Potted boxwoods offer formal elegance with little maintenance. This large American variety creates a living wall in a line of concrete planters- I like this idea for a separating space
a potted plant with red and white flowers in front of a door handle on a house
Successfully Grow Shrubs and Bushes in Containers.... Even if You Don't Have a Green Thumb
Faux shrubs and bushes are a great alternative to the real thing when planted in pots and containers for your porch. Learn where to find these plants and how to make them look as real as possible to easily enhance your home's curb appeal. |
an outdoor living area with potted plants and tables in front of a building that has ivy growing on it
In the back of the house.
several potted plants in front of a white house with black lights on the side
Here A Pot, There A Pot, Everywhere A Pot, Pot!
three large white urns with plants in them on a stone wall near bushes and hedges
La Maison Gray GARDEN
La Maison Gray GARDEN
an outdoor area with potted plants and stone railing