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Fantasyland, Hastings, New Zealand


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a hand pointing at something with the words who else still does this to find out how many days a month has
9GAG - Best Funny Memes and Breaking News
a blue ring with white dots in it and the words if you know what this is your childhood was awesome
Welcome to the Memory Lane Gallery!
rolls of toilet paper sitting next to each other on top of a white surface with the words, who else remembers the smell of these?
We’d sit on the sidewalk and pop them with rocks!
two rows of roman numerals are shown in blue and yellow, with the numbers below them
My Math Resources - Roman Numerals Poster
a group of blue and yellow shoes sitting on top of each other
Fisher Price Roller Skates
a wooden clock with the time displayed on it
Catholic Gifts, Church Supplies, Religious Store
the castle is next to some water and trees
Fantasyland, Hastings, New Zealand
there are many small houses in the yard
Fantasyland, Hastings. New Zealand
a large group of people sitting on top of a lush green field next to a building
A concert at the Art Deco Weekend Napier see more at New Zealand Journeys app for iPad
the collage shows many different things including windmills, buildings, and water features
Fantasyland Hastings, New Zealand