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a piece of cheesecake on a plate with a fork
This recipe is the "most loved cake" in Italy and you'll want to make it every week
Fudge Swirled Oreo Bottom Cheesecake Cupcakes
Fudge Swirled Oreo Bottom Cheesecake Cupcakes are a delicious twist on your standard cupcake. It’s a fudge swirled mini cheesecake that sits on top of an Oreo cookie. What’s not to love? #cheesecake #oreo
5-Layer Cookie 'Box' Brownie Cheesecake Recipe by Tasty
an apple cake on a white plate next to some apples
Italian Apple Cake With Plenty Of Apples Torta Di Mele
This Italian apple cake is simply made with plenty of apples to fully enjoy their taste: 1 kilo (2 pounds) of apples and no other spices added. It is the juice from these apples that make this cake creamy and fluffy.
a piece of cheesecake covered in caramel and pecans
Pecan Pie Cheesecake
Pecan Pie Caramel Cheesecake from Lauren's Latest. This dessert recipe is amazing! It's smooth and rich and to die for! #laurenslatest #dessert #cheesecake #caramel #pecanpie
three puff pastry tarts sitting on top of a black plate next to a wooden spoon
Easy Pear Puff Pastry Tart
Topped with spiced brown sugar, these thinly sliced pears with puff pastry are great for snacks or dessert. A perfect balance of sweet, spice, and buttery goodness in every bite of this tart!