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an open drain in the ground with text that reads times architecture went above and beyond
Jaw-Dropping Architectural Designs
We've never seen anything quite like these before...
an artistic drawing of some kind of structure in the desert with grass covering it's roof
Architecture of Doom: Photo
Architecture of Doom — poetryconcrete: Vernacular architecture from...
two drawings of houses with different shapes and sizes
Tata Somba – Traditional Fortress in Northern Benin
Architecture of a Tata Somba
an aerial view of the ancient city and its surroundings
Inverted Roof for Water Collection in Casamance region of Senegal, Africa
an old black and white photo of a thatch roofed building with two doorways
The Diversity Of Early African Architecture/Ruins Thread
an aerial view of a village with thatched roofs and people in the foreground
Ile Ife, Nigeria (ca. 500 B.C.E.- ) •
the inside of a bamboo building with tables and chairs in it's center area
Gallery of Hay Roofs Explored Through 13 Vietnamese Restaurant Projects - 8
two pictures of the inside and outside of a bamboo house with thatched roofing
21 Ubud Restaurants with Gorgeous Rainforest and Paddy Views Perfect for Magical Date Nights
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a large wooden structure sitting on top of a pile of dirt
Bamboo building
an outdoor living area is lit up with lights and furniture, along with a circular wooden structure
Undulating bamboo roofs wrap this wellness retreat in a lush forest of Bali
people are standing in the middle of an open area with large bamboo structures on it
Feat of Engineering, A Refined Design with Unparalleled Beauty using Bamboo : The Arc | IBUKU
a woman cooking food on top of a grill in a bamboo structure with people standing around
The First Building of Its Kind : River Warung at Bambu Indah | IBUKU
an aerial view of huts in the jungle
harvesting water from the air: an interview with warka water founder arturo vittori