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Brandi Strickland - Mixed Media

Collage Artist Brandi Strickland creates fanciful and surreal compositions.

Secret Garden Table

Now THIS is a coffee table! Buy a plain coffee table with a clear glass top or build your own. Inside place different types of live moss and spray water once a week for maintenance. Use fake moss if you don't have a green thumb lol decor

Modern Studio Apartment - Modern Bedroom

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Another Tinfoil face

Artist Dominic Wilcox- Time is so fleeting, many people want it all back again but the best we can do is try to capture moments. A bronze bust captures a person's face for eternity. I decided to use another metal to crea.

Super Cool, totally want to try this!

Make your own tinfoil portraits/sculptures. You could buy face masks and give students tinfoil. I think this would work. Would probably look even better on a black canvas or cheaper option, black card.