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an open living room and dining area with sliding glass doors
Separation + Privacy | DWS
The example we have here shows privacy and separation that gives you additional rooms to use.
a modern door with glass panels and a metal handle on the front entrance to a house
First Impression | DWS
Doors practically give the first impression, and because you can, you'll choose the door that would satisfy the eyes. Make a stunning first impression, and choose the door that speaks for itself.
a modern house with sliding glass doors on the outside and patio area to the side
Box House | DWS
This Sliding Door is just perfect for a medium-sized house like this cute modern box house.
an open house with sliding glass doors on the outside
Aluminium Bi-fold Door | DWS
The bi-fold door allows for a dramatic wide opening that offers unrestricted access to outdoor areas that Kiwis love. DWS has a large range of Aluminium Doors for any design requirement.
a dining room with glass walls and wooden table
Slide away | DWS
New Zealand Summer can be hot but blessed with nice air. With having massive sliding doors, you'd appreciate that nice summer weather while being at home.
an orange door is open in front of some black doors
Stand Out | DWS
Let your door stand out and make people look. At DWS, we have a large range of colours, materials, and hardware. You can even have a pink door if you want to. There's no stopping you.
a staircase leading to the upper level of a house with glass walls and doors on both sides
The Door | DWS
"When one door closes, another opens, or you can open the closed door. That's how doors work."