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Tokyo Ghoul Chibi Poster

Tokyo Ghoul Chibi Characters - Official Poster I have this poster

Still Ruby

If only her shirt was a bit longer and her hair wasn't dipped red, she'd look just like Nicole from my story! Originally: Ruby Rose from RWBY fan art

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Created by AyumiNazu in deviantart We will all do our best for Monty

I found out today that the amazing Animator/Creator Monty Oum had passed away. He was a very hardworking and inspiring artist. I was really surprised by the news. I drew this 1 page comic as a trib.


RWBY- The Monkey and Bull, dueling for the affection of the Cat, who's heart already belongs to the Lioness. <-- I seriously have no idea who to ship her with! Ugh I love all the ships.

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# Rwby version seriously painting one-game match of midnight late pair iconic something.