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a painting of bookshelves filled with lots of different colored books on top of each other
True Writers Photo: Just Because
a book cover with an image of a dog laying on the floor in front of a window
A Thatched Roof (Allways trilogy, #2)
there are many books lined up on the shelf with the words books in front of them
Lez Liberty Lit #61: Snowing Pages
#BlackPoetsSpeakOut, notable book lists, new Harry Potter, we are reading so much and more.
the lady of the lake is shown in green and gold foil on a black background
The Common Thread
the cover to an exhibit book with black and white swirls on it, which reads exibrus
When Book Lovers Guarded Their Prized Possessions With Tiny Artworks
a hand holding an open book in front of a desk with many books on it
Starting my first bullet journal with a page that’s close to my heart.