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some very pretty plants in the grass
Carex comans Bronze-Leaved (New Zealand Hair Sedge)
many different types of green plants growing in the woods and on the ground, including ferns
Successfully Growing Ferns in My Garden - Deb's Garden - Deb's Garden Blog
the different types of leaves are labeled in this diagram, including pink panther's nigra
New Zealand Flax - Phormium Tenax
PlantWerkz: New Zealand Flax - Phormium Tenax
the colorful plant is growing in the garden
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some very pretty green plants by the sidewalk
some very pretty plants in a big pot
Tufted hair grass - FineGardening
Deschampsia cespitosa 'Northern Lights' (Tufted hair grass, Tussock grass) - Fine Gardening Plant Guide >> gray/gold vaiegation;; 3' tall plumes in early summer look great with backlighting; golden foliage with coral tips in fall; full-sun to part-shade; 1'-3' tall.
a red plant with green leaves in the grass
ornamental grasses
Uncinia rubra 'Red Hook Sedge'
some red and green plants in a garden
Phormium 'Margaret Jones', New Zealand Flax, Perennial,
Phormium 'Margaret Jones' . e/green. we can grow it. some get 7' tall. more info here: http://gardening.about.com/od/plantprofile1/p/Phormium.htm
some very pretty green plants in the grass
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the garden is full of colorful plants and trees
Using Phormiums in the Garden
Two large cookianum hybrids by the stream.
some very pretty green plants by the side of the road with grass growing on it
Carex spp
Carex cormans greenform
some very pretty plants by the side of the road
Phormium hybrids 'Sundowner'
Phormium hybrid 'Sundowner' ... ground cover looks like a blue fescue (var. "Elijah" ??)
a lush green garden with lots of trees and plants
Flaxmere Garden
Flaxmere Garden Website New Zealand Natives
some very pretty plants by the side of a building in front of a wall and grass
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