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Rise to the Top, 2014, collage by Angelica Paez.

grigiabot: Rise to the Top, collage by Angelica Paez View Post

Want a great workout for your core?   Stream 'Pilates' keep your hair and sweat out of your face with a Goody Althletique headwrap courtesy of #Influensters #VioletVoxBox  @Terry Song Cammack Hair  #GoodyAthletique

YOGA - Boat Pose (Navasana) A challenging pose that develops determination and stamina, as well as helping to strengthen the core abdominal area and muscles of the lower back. Navasana can also help to counter stress and boost digestion.

Glamorous Nature Editorials - Tropicana Water Presents a Sultry Look (GALLERY)

sensional photography - This series by Lili and Andrey called Tropicana Water is another sample of work by the very talented and gifted pair of photographers.

Paint darts. This activity is throwing darts at ballons filled with paint. I love to be messy and this activity would fulfill that. I love to paint. Me and my sister sometimes will go to our art table and just paint together. But just painting can get boring because I can run out of ideas quickly. With dart painting I do not need ideas because the balls of paint will create something for me but with my inspiration. This will give my brain a rest and my heart a beat.

Do Paint Balloon darting Let's be honest, every girl has wanted to do this since they saw Princess Diaries :)