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list of demands for a partner: good music taste, humor (twisted, cynical, dysmal, oder normal), decent taste in outfits (skinnies, fandom/band tshirt, cons/vans, beanie, headphones, accessories, and.... hm. Am I missing anything? Ah, i dont think so.

o-o - ok I REALLY couldn't stop laughing at this for like 10 minutes. Think it is wrong though... She is such a great teacher and I think she would one day become the "next Dumbledore" if you know what I mean. Giving up just isn't Minerva.

When punctuation correction doubles as a contraction -- your sister just made a dad joke to a dad, and you should have put an apostrophe for possession. (Also, maybe this is a half-sister? So her dad's not the speaker's dad?) Anywho, this is hilarious.