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Rules For Non-Dog Owners.

Rules For Non-Dog Owners. This goes for Non-cat owners. Just read cats were it say s dogs!dog s rule dogs !

This is the first time I have EVER read something this long on Pinterest so it really grabbed at my heart and although I am in tears being an owner of 6 pets, it has a happy ending, please read...

I cried for a long time after I finished reading this story. If you’re only going to read one thing today, read this… such a sweet story about a dog and previous owner and with a new owner. Don't know what I would do without my dogs, must read this!

The German soldiers look quite sullen here. He had reason to be. After weeks of long marches and numerous fights the German advance towards Paris came to a stand-still.

Rare pictures of the German soldiers and German army during the First World war

A growing Potato Barrel will yield a ton of potatoes!  Love this potato barrel!  Did you know that a potato only needs 1-2 eyes per piece to grow?

Make a potato tower - no digging up potatoes! Yields about 25 lbs/tower. After planting a bed of potatoes this year, and digging & digging, I can see the value of trying something like this

Grow carrots in a 2 liter bottle

Grow carrots in a 2 liter soda bottle. Great idea for kids. They could watch the roots & tops grow at the same time. Need to do this with Gracie