Blair Wigglesworth

Blair Wigglesworth

Blair Wigglesworth
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NIKE POP UP STORE year: 2014 client: Nike WE RUN PRG is a marathon which happens every year in the city centre of Prague. This year organisers came with an idea to build a pop-up store at Wenceslas square which would work as a teaser.

BEIGE, Matsuzakaya Nagoya

The shop design for a new women’s clothing brand, BEIGE, to be launched by Japanese apparel corporation Onward Kas

pavel janák, retrospectiove exhibition — A1. Interesting for looking at use of space for an exhibition

Modular Ideas pavel janák, retrospectiove exhibition — Interesting for looking at use of space for an exhibition

COS X Snarkitecture Pop up Collaboration at Austere | Yellowtrace

Our latest Story surveys remarkable Retail Pop-Ups around the world, delivering innovation and types of experiences the switched-on crowds are seeking out.

pavel janák, retrospectiove exhibition

pavel janák, retrospectiove exhibition i like the use of negative space, could b interesting with 'Death' using negative space wherver the actual word is mentioned or something?

Seek See Keep - ING 4.5’ x 8’ Installation by Liyuan Tong

I am interested in getting people engaged with graphic design and becoming a part of it, and not only visually seeing it. In my work Keep,See,Seek-ing, my cat and I are playing in the poster frame and becoming elements of the design. I painted the anamor&

Another good example of singage, this time using large eye-catching sign which are leant against the walls. Branding and exhibition design for the Summer Shows at the London College of Communication.