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three muffins with cheese and sour cream sitting on a black tray next to two other muffins
Pie maker cheesy corn fritters
Easy vegetarian bites that are kid-friendly and make a great after-school or lunch box snack.
several muffins being cooked in an electric griddle
Pie maker zucchini slice muffins
Cooked in a Kmart pie maker in just 15 minutes, these quick and easy muffins taste exactly like zucchini slice, perfect for the kids' lunchboxes.
some food that is on a tray with sauce
Pie maker hash browns
Cooked in a Kmart pie maker, these easy, cheesy hash browns make a perfect breakfast or snack for big and little kids alike.
three small pastries stacked on top of each other
Apple pie minis
These mini flaky pastries are stuffed with apple pie mix for an easy sweet bite.
4h 5m
several muffins are being cooked in a pan with some sauce on the side
Pie maker zucchini and haloumi fritters
We've made family favourite zucchini and haloumi fritters even easier by cooking them in a Kmart pie maker. They’re perfect for dinner or packed in the lunch box.
1h 0m
some food is on a plate with dipping sauce
Pie maker brie and cranberry puffs
a plate with eggs, ketchup and sauce on it next to other food items
Pie maker smashed pea and haloumi fritters
Who needs to go to a cafe when you can make these yummy fritters at home with a little help from your pie maker.