Activities for 1 year olds

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a christmas ornament with the words, god loved the world so much that he gave his only son
Sample for 2’s Week 3; Memory Verse Ornament
a letter made out of red, white and blue beads with a poem written on it
The Legend Of The Candy Cane
a handprint with a message on it that says, i used my hand to make a prayer
Handprint Baby Jesus In A Manger Keepsake Printable
a baby is playing with bubbles in the bathtub
Baby Bubble Wrap Art - Sensory Baby & Toddler Activity - Arty Crafty Kids
a baby playing with tin foil on the floor
Sensory Play & Gross Motor Fun | Texture Walk - A Cotton Kandi Life
a child's hand reaching out from behind plastic bags with the words hair gel sensory bags on them
Easy Hair Gel Sensory Bags - Mostly Under Control
a toddler is standing on the floor in front of a tray with cupcakes
10 Incredibly Fun Ways to Explore With Paint
three pictures with different colors and designs on them, one is made out of plastic bags
ernesto Do it yourself
Bubble Wrap Toddler Sensory Activity - Easy and Fun
six different colored bottles are sitting on a tray with sand in them and one is empty