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Inspirational Colours!

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The simple addition of colour can transform an ordinary room into a special space!

The lovely Stonehenge by Resene is featured here behind the bed......soft, restful and doing its job as a feature wall should!


Okay, here we got a little greedy and did not one but TWO feature walls! The deep red in the rear of the family room is Resene Farenheit while the niche wall is Resene Stonehenge. These colours gave us the opportunity to extend more colour not only here in cushions, rugs etc, but also into subsequent areas of this lovely home


For something a little different, we threw caution to the wind and went wild with colour here (all in a very sedate way of course!)

The darker rear wall in the living room really not only draws the wall back to creating illusion of more space, but infuses a cool calmness into the surrounding rooms

Inspirational Colours

This living room is in the same home. Here we used a softer background colour which really popped the beautiful artwork by the talended Dan Mason out! We drew the blacks out of the art into cushions and lampshades.

Inspirational Colours

A close up of the beautiful red (Farenheit) wall. We picked up more of this lovely colour in the scatter cushions and nick nacks placed around the room and also in opposing spaces.