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an artistic bench in the middle of a park
Waka Taua - Maori War Canoe - Aotearoa
an intricately carved wooden object with eyes and teeth on it's face is shown
Hoe - Whakairo Rākau - Māori Arts and Crafts - Aotearoa
two white balls are tied to a red and black rope on top of the ground
Aloha Gourmet Products, Inc. | Aloha Gourmet Products, Inc.
New Zealand Poi Balls,,,Learnt to do this at school..
an intricately carved metal piece with hearts on it's face and hands, in the shape of a heart
māori sculpture
māori sculpture - Google Search
Maori Woman Maori Woman, Squid Tattoo, Filipino Tattoos, Native Tattoos, Samoan Tattoo, Wide Face, Different Tattoos
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Maori Woman
an intricately carved wooden wall in a building
Maori art - NZ
Hombre maori.nueva zelanda New Zealand Men, Warrior Dance, Ta Moko Tattoo, Frans Lanting, Rotorua New Zealand
Hombre maori.nueva zelanda
a wooden cross with carvings on it and clouds in the background
Maori Carving
Maori carving at Hamilton Gardens.
some men are dancing in front of a blue wall
Kāwhia Kai Festival - Hamilton Waikato. One of the top Māori attractions in New Zealand, this festival is a celebration of the indigenous culture with focus on native Māori food. Locals call Kāwhia "kai food heaven" because of the plentiful supplies of seafood and wild game, and festival-goers feast on wild pork, an array of New Zealand shellfish, and mud snails. Held in early February, the festival is timed to coincide with New Zealand’s national holiday - Waitangi Day - on 6 February.
red carved wooden carvings on the side of a building
New Zealand teko teko
a man with tattoos on his face and chest
Art Wolfe
Ta Moko...Maori
the logo for kia ora, an artisan restaurant in new york city
Greeting Card & Postcard Design
Greeting Cards & Postcards on Behance
an intricately carved mask is shown with two round windows in the center and one behind it
Top 10 Sights In New Zealand – A Travel Collage - The Travel Tester
Maori Woodcarving in New Zealand
an image of a man with tattoos on his face
The Māori of New Zealand.