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Auckland is New Zealand's largest city and most culturally divers. New Zealand great travel destination for any tourist planning a trip to NZ Get our free travel app with helpful videos and New Zealand stories to help you get the most of you NZ adventure. #newzealand, #auckland, #travel, #accomodation, #hotels, #skytower
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a wooden dock with two poles sticking out of the water
Hidden Passage
Hidden Passage, Ponsonby Wharf, Herne Bay, Auckland, NZ
two people sitting on a bench in front of a building with the words 8 cultural experiences
8 Best Cultural Experiences in Auckland
Where to find cultural experiences in Auckland. What great city is a city without some culture? New Zealand may be one of the youngest discovered countries in the world but we have still packed in a lot of cultural value over our short history. Auckland is the perfect place to start experiencing New Zealand’s cultural side from the fascinating Auckland Museum to the Maori cultural experiences.
people are standing on the edge of a large metal structure
Bungy Jumping, Auckland, New Zealand
a tall tower with a ferris wheel in the middle of it's side at night
Sky Tower, Auckland - New Zealand
Sky Tower, Auckland - New Zealand
a bench sitting in front of a mirror with a view of a waterfall behind it
16 Things You Didn't Know You Could Do In Auckland
There are a number of walks through the park that's home to the beautiful Huana Falls. Ranging from 3.1km to 8.3km, see how active you're feeling on the day, and be sure to pack something tasty to enjoy at one of the waterfall lookouts.
an aerial view of a city with skyscrapers and water in the background, taken from above
Local Auckland on X
Auckland, New Zealand
people are standing on the edge of a large metal structure
Bungy Jumping, Auckland, New Zealand
an old wooden fence surrounded by flowers and greenery with a door in the background
Hobbit LifeBlood: Fotos
Hobbit LifeBlood : Foto
a large waterfall in the middle of a forest
Find a Cruise | Search the Best Cruises for 2024 & 2025
Bill✔️ See stunning waterfalls in the Waitakere Ranges, west of Auckland. North Island, New Zealand. Magnificent countryside, all an open park! Bill Gibson-Patmore. (curation & caption: @BillGP). Bill✔️
several sailboats in the water on a sunny day
Auckland Harbour
City of Sails, with Rangitoto Island backdrop, Auckland, New Zealand
an advertisement for the new zealand air plane flying over water and palm trees, with two people
Auckland Postcard - S46B
New Zealand, Auckland Postcard - S46B by Contour Creative Studio, via Flickr vintage travel poster
the words discovering glaciers in new zealand are overlaid by snow - capped mountains
Franz Josef or Fox Glacier? Visiting Glacier Country in New Zealand.
Franz Josef or Fox Glacier - are you wondering how they differ? Which one should you visit? Check our experiences in Glacier Country, NZ.
a large bridge spanning over a river next to a lush green tree filled hillside under a blue sky
Auckland Harbour Bridge - NZ