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This nutritious warm beetroot salad makes for a simple but filling mid-week meal, or omit the bacon for a tasty side dish to accompany a steak dinner

This salad is a winning combo of balsamic-glazed beetroot and earthy Brussels sprouts topped with feta and pine nuts

This salad combines creamy goat’s cheese and mascarpone with balsamic-roasted beets, roasted radishes and baby carrots. The roasted radishes transform from spicy little beasts to sublime mellow mouthfuls. Photography by Jani Shepherd/Gatherum Collectif.

There is nothing boring about this inventive salad. Bold flavours of roast pumpkin, maple syrup and soy sauce mix with brown rice and leafy greens to give your view of salads a pleasant refresher.

This rustic and nourishing salad is made extra special with luscious salmon, blackened lemon wedges and tender spinach leaves.

Slices of chargrilled lamb backstrap are divine atop this silverbeet and lentil salad with Greek yoghurt sauce.

This in an easy and delicious salad to put together - strips of rotisserie chicken served on a bed or pre-cooked lentils, beetroot, and rocket. All you have to do is assemble!

Potato salad gets taken to the next level with crispy fried chorizo and haloumi, dressed in a red wine vinaigrette.

This Mediterranean-style salad is a beautiful collision of punchy flavours. I like to serve it alongside grilled fish or chicken, although it also works really well as a light lunch or dinner.