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a woman holding a baby wrapped in a towel with the caption being a mom is so wild cause you really just wake up everyday and do
a woman laying in bed with the words how can you get? written on her stomach
Raising Kids, Daughters, Humour, Parents, Mommy Life, Love My Kids
two children hugging each other in the kitchen with a quote from william martin on purpose
Parenting Quotes, Mother Quotes, Daughter Quotes, Parenting Advice, Positive Parenting
Home - Raising Teens Today
Single Mom Quotes, Parenting
Fat Shaming!
a poem written in white on a blue background with the words you blink and they are 8
15 Tips for Parents to Help with Discipline
a woman holding a small child with the caption my biggest fear is someone mistreating my child when i'm not around
a woman holding a baby in her arms with the caption i remember when i couldn't wait for you to say your first word
I love my children, I thank God for them everyday regardless if they drive me crazy. Lol
Probably more often than I'd like to think😂
Probably more often than I'd like to think😂