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Helpful photography tips for you to quickly improve your photos. Simple help on using your camera's technology without getting overwhelmed. Digital cameras…
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Historical building and field of flowers Photo Tips, Rc Lens, Photography, Photo, Picture, Tips, Digital, Why, Digital Photo
Definition of Aperture. Why You Need To Know How it Affects Your Photo
How to improve your photography by controlling your lens aperture. | camera settings | depth of field |
3rd base on baseball diamond Ideas, Simple, Cool Photos, Photos, Sharp Photo
9 Simple Examples of Depth of Field To Help You To Take Better Photos
Examples of using depth of field. | Sharp focus | In focus |Sharp photos | No Blurry photos.
Camera and landscape photo Photography Tips, Cameras, Digital Cameras, Digital Photography, Understanding Camera, Digital Camera, Speed, Improve Yourself, Work
Basic Explanation: How Cameras Work For Beginners-Means Better Photos
Basic explanation for beginners of how cameras work | Basic camera settings | How cameras work | Digital cameras | Understanding cameras
Sunrise photo Raw, Exposure
Which is Sharper, Raw vs JPG? Is Raw Better Than JPG. Simple Answer
Why shoot it RAW ? | I shoot RAW | RAW Format | JPG Vs RAW | Camera Settings
camera sensor What Is A Pixel, Sensor, Matter Most, How Many, Thing 1, Number, 10 Things
What Is a Pixel in Photography. What Really Matters Most About Pixels.
What you need to know about the number of pixels. #megapixel #pixelcount. A 1 megapixel sensor would have one million pixels on it. A 10 Megapixel camera has 10,000,000 pixels on its sensor. | Camera sensor | Megapixels | Sensor Size |
a computer with the words how to get your photos to your computer
How To Transfer Photos From Canon To Your Computer. Simple and Easy
an island in the middle of some water surrounded by land and trees on both sides
Best Canon Camera For Landscape Photography. List of Top 7 Choices
Outdoor portrait of young family in the yard
Use These 3 Outdoor Portrait Photography Lighting Tips For Portraits
Outdoor portrait of young family in the yard. #outdoorportraitlighting #outdoorportraitphotography
a house on the shore of a lake surrounded by trees with fall colors in the background
Examples of Rule of Thirds in Photography And When NOT To Use It!
Acadia National Park in the Fall #fall colors #acadia #acadianationalpark #mountdesertisland #sealcove #sealcovepond
Pose of 7 people Family Posing, Family Portraits, Portrait, Posing Families, Family Portrait Poses, Couple Photos, To Pose, Beginner Poses
Simple Guide For Posing Families For Beginners-Pose Groups Like A Pro
#poseof7 #posinggroupphotos familyposingideas #adultposing
depth of field and distance illustration Distance, Depth Of Field, What Is Depth, Understanding Camera Lenses, Depth, Field, Advantage, Control
What is Depth of Field and 3 Easy Ways of How You Can Control It
How far your subject is distanced from the camera affects how much depth of field you bet. #depthoffield #photographytrics #photographytips
depth of field vs. focal length illustration Lens Aperture, Advanced Photography, Focal Length, Effect On, Lens
What is Depth of Field and 3 Easy Ways of How You Can Control It
The focal length of the lens ou are using has a big effect on the amount of depth of field you get. #depthoffield #advancedphotographytechniques #lenschoice
depth of field vs aperture illustration Photography Terms, Aperture, Deep Depth Of Field
What is Depth of Field and 3 Easy Ways of How You Can Control It
Depth of field tricks #depthoffiled #photographytricks #photographytips
zoom lens Lenses, Photographers, Camera Lens, Pro, Enhancement
What Does the Average Camera Lens Cost - How To Save on Camera Lenses.
Take a peak at the average lens cost for beginning, advanced hobbyist, and pro photographers. #cameralenscost #Canonlenses #cameralensprices #cameralenspricing #saveoncameralenses