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The Manukau Harbour on Auckland's West Coast is magnificent (when the tide is in!) Here's a family group enjoying the Summer day together. (Where are the Seagulls?) You can walk 2-3 kilometers around the harbour shoreline. There's very little traffic, it's peaceful and pleasant. The harbour leads out, over a challenging sandbar, to the Tasman Sea. (And then on to Australia if you keep going.)

The beautiful roses are a lovely embellishment to the heart-felt words. Strong words, brave and deeply loving words. Now where would you place this special cushion? It carries a deeply personal and intimate message!

The greatest love of all: a mother for her children. And the kids sometimes forget to tell Mum that they feel her love. What a touching gift for Mum this cushion is. A daily reminder.

Someone once famously said: "I can live on a compliment for two days." I think it was Oscar Wilde -who else! I am picturing this image either on a soft cushion or on a poster on your wall. American politician Henry Clay (1777 -1852): "Courtesies of a small and trivial character are the ones which strike deepest in the heart.”

What a wonderful surprise! Just when you had given up hope, this Genie appears in the middle of the desert. But what's this? It's a Calavera - all the way from Mexico perhaps? I thought this poster could make a playful gift for for a young person's bedroom - or the beach house.