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A "Magic Mug" has the wonderful capacity to send a message to someone you care for. Especially when you have a soft sense of humour! Some of these mugs are inspiring and entertaining.
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Life is brimming with abundant blessings, but unfortunately, we seem to be taking most of them for granted. They remain unnoticed and unappreciated day after day. How sad. I have designed this beautiful mug to be used as a reminder to look around and acknowledge some of the amazing blessings that fill our lives daily. Let's start with your breath! What are some of the others you have? They're all free!

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I wonder how old this Tribal Mask is? It looks stunning - painstakingly constructed in gold-coloured tiny tiles. If you're looking for something really different for your friends, maybe this is it!

This gorgeous blue-eyed kitty looks for all the world, like a baby tiger cub! But it's stunning blue eyes give it away. What a beautiful gift for a friend of yours who is a cat-lover. I bet they've never seen anything like this!

The colourful designs on butterflies have captured my sense of wonder since childhood. I am in awe of their endless display. This of course, is a digital presentation, a symbol for the myriad of butterfly majesty in nature.

This is the first in my series of "Power Word" Coffee Mugs. Dr. Masaru Emoto in the '90's demonstrated how the energy of Power Words would pass through the container into the water. (He provided photographic evidence!) I'm building on his experience by attaching "Power Words" to a coffee mug. Imagine drinking down the energy of the Power Word "Abundance"! You can do a Google on the good Doctor. He's written a few best- selling books about his discoveries. Stay tuned!

This is the second in my new series of "Power Words" on Coffee Mugs. It's a cliche that everyone seeks happiness. What a good idea! My life-mantra has just four Power Words: "Happy, Healthy, Wise, Wealthy." Famous Japanese Dr. Masaru Emoto taught that the vibrations of the word are absorbed by the water in the drink in the mug. So we are literally drinking in "Happiness" when we enjoy our morning coffee!

This has been my life Mantra for many years now. It has served me well and continues to do so, I'm delighted to say. It's a simple proof to me that the old adage is true. That what you think about most in your life, eventually emerges! I like it because it's so simple yet profound. For me it covers all the bases. This humble mug is a small effort on my part to spread the Good News so that many others may have a good life.

I find the whole idea of abundance is very powerful. It's a good word to remind me to count my blessings and to see prosperity all around me. My motivation for putting these Power Words on Coffee mugs is to infuse the liquid in the mug with the creative vibrations that the word emits. You know what they say: "The Law of Attraction is always in action!"

"In the beginning was the Word, and the word was with God, and the word was God." This quote from the Bible is a reminder, for those who believe, that our Universe began with a breath, sound, word from God the Creator. It's a reminder that every word that leaves our mouth is a creative force - either for good or not. I love "Word Art" because it helps me to spend a few moments with the words, sorting them out!

I call this "My Prosperity Mug". When I have my morning coffee the mug serves as a bold reminder to have a prosperity mentality right throughout my day. It's quite easy to slip into a "lack" mentality. But this mug, together with my "Count Your Blessings" mug helps me keep focused. I have some bold goals and they need to be financed in a healthy way!

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