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Clive Littin's Chocolate Cake Blog

Each blog carries a brief and simple message - thoughtful words to uplift and inspire you. And maybe as yummy as a slice of chocolate cake!
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"I can't make you feel." I've lost count of the number of energetic discussions I've had around this statement. It's certainly not a popular piece of wisdom. I suggest it requires an insight into how our biology works. *whew* Which comes first, the thought or the feeling? Details aside, taking this insight on-board has been an incredibly liberating experience for me. It puts the brakes on blaming others for the way you feel. Do you like the poster?


I have fallen victim to the spell of chocolate cake. I think about it all the time. It's irresistible. When we were kids Mum used to make a delicious chocolate cake every Saturday to share with our friends. Now that I'm sort of an adult I think of a piece of chocolate cake as a slice of life. Every day is a slice - can I make this day as delicious as Mum's chocolate cake?

I have underestimated the absolute power of Intention. Focus, attention, intention - all co-creators with the Universe. "Take that" I say to myself!

"Wisdom and nature sings the same songs." When you observe the behavior of nature it's not always easy to see the wisdom in it. For example the great Yellowstone Park fire in 1988. We all thought that fire was the end of it's glory. But look at Yellowstone Park today! There must be a zillion examples of nature showing it's wisdom - if we are keen enough to observe.

I've just launched a new Blog Site featuring some of my favourites from several sources. I hope you enjoy them!

Auckland City of Sails. You can see where Auckland gets it's moniker from. I get to enjoy this "slice of life" every day. My whole life has been centered around this magnificent Harbour and Gulf. And now millions of passengers each year get to share my privilege.

I would like to see a Statute of Limitations on all our sad stories.