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Beautiful & Inspirational Posters

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Capturing beautiful glimpses of life. Inspirational and encouraging moments. Posters to remind you and and help you live a better life.

Lion Rock, Piha, New Zealand. Piha beach is renown for it's superb surf. It's on Auckland's "wild" west Coast, just 40 minutes drive from the City. In the Summer it's a hive of activity for both locals and tourists. Unfortunately you can't climb the rock anymore because of a major slip. (You can see it in the picture.) I've added a painted filter to the original photograph. Those two black dots are surfers coming out of the water after a session in the waves.


They say "Be careful what you wish for." Why? Because it will eventually come to you!

I love daisies. Especially when they're growing free and wild in a field. I've added a light "painted" filter to this picture to increase the contrast. I thought this poster would look good in your office or work station. It has a calming effect on me and maybe you too? What a blessing they are!

Your first morning coffee magically appears out of a pile of coffee beans? Perhaps you've haven't woken up yet! Those white objects in the background look like icebergs but actually they're white fluffy clouds. So relax, how do you like your coffee sir?

"Knowledge plus understanding equals wisdom." I'm not sure what age you have to be before you begin to appreciate the value of wisdom. I must say, it's rare to see it in the young. Traditionally I think we associate wisdom with older folks. There's a whole book in the Bible devoted to Wisdom: "The Book of Wisdom.”

If you love me because of something, what happens if that "something" disappears? The Bible says "True love is eternal." Unconditional. Forever. Hard to beat! Looking at the broken relationship stats that must be a tall order!

"Rich is loving what you have." As they walk through this forest, how many will actually stop to drink in the magnificent richness of the colors? We are surrounded, immersed in, a myriad of richness every day. When you look at your life, how much of it do you love? Do you have enough? Look again!

I'm sure most of us have had those times when the right words just don't seem to be there at the right moment. But there's a song somewhere that got it right. The right words, the right feeling. Some people are so clever. This is a heart-warming poster for a special, personal place.

"Just be a silent witness." Dr. Deepak Chopra speaks often of this theme. I guess it's an extension of "Don't Sweat The Small Stuff." I made the poster as a reminder, great to have it posted where you will see it every morning I thought. When I do remember to be a Silent Witness I feel quite proud of myself - not jumping in "Where Angels fear to tread." There's a lot of wisdom in this sort of behaviour, protecting yourself from stress and harm.