Great chart with comma rules. I'd add that Rule 2 doesn't change even when you follow AP style and omit the final comma in a series. Also, commas almost never go after "and" or "but."

Great chart with comma rules because use is one of the hardest things to grasp. Depending on what level I'm teaching, some of these comma rules may be too advanced.

Greek pattern

Vector - Set of geometric greek borders - stock illustration, royalty free illustrations, stock clip art icon, stock clipart icons,…

Dion Seeling - Maori Design Gallery

PhotoAll About Art Tattoo Studio Rangiora. Quality work by Professional Artist.

National Anthem - korero/speak Maori

National Anthem - korero/speak Maori Personal use - Need to learn the Anthem in Māori too

Territorial Claims of Maori Iwi in New Zealand

Map of iwi territories in New Zealand. In Māori culture, "iwi" means "people" or "nation".

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