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Do each exercise 30 times in 30 minutes.

Have 30 minutes to workout? Try this: 30 exercises for 30 seconds each, resting 30 seconds in between. Print it out, and take it to the park! Just grab a set of dumbbells or resistance bands. harder-better-faster-stronger-healthier-health-fit work-it-out

Soul Food Recipes, Cookbooks, and Cooking Tips

Tony Roma’s has been doing barbecue ribs since they opened more than 40 years ago. Many restaurants have items that come and go on their menus, but ribs will always be a mainstay at Tony Roma’s. From America’s Favorite Recipes At the Grill.

8 Kitchen Herbs for the Shade Garden- Because not every garden is full sun! | www.reformationacres.com

8 Kitchen Herbs for the Shade Garden- Here is a short list of culinary herbs I’m considering incorporating into my future perennial shade garden: Onion Chives Garlic Chives Cilantro Mint Lemon Balm Lovage Parsley Sage

How To Paint Stones and Pebbles

How To Paint Stones and Pebbles. A fun, relaxing and creative activity for a rainy day! - I'll be good at painting stones like the top picture.

Big Boy's Strawberry Pie. I grew up eating this! There was nothing like waiting for the first fresh strawberries of the season. We used to drive over an hour to Portland, TN to buy the very best strawberries.

Big Boys Strawberry Pie Recipe - I will make my own crust adding sugar to it as well.