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a woman with long hair and a crown on her head in the form of a circle
Premium Vector | Har har mahadev vector chant for the destroyer mahashivratri vector illustration
a drawing of a woman with an elaborate headdress and jewelry on her face
Goddess Lakshmi with Four Arms, Holding Lotus, Conch, Mace and Akshata
This intricate painting depicts the Hindu goddess Lakshmi in her four-armed form. She is holding a lotus flower in her upper right hand, a conch shell in her upper left hand, a mace in her lower right hand, and a garland of akshata (rice grains) in her lower left hand. She is seated on a lotus flower and is surrounded by a halo of light.
a pencil drawing of a peacock with feathers
78 Minimalist Tattoos That Will Inspire You To Get Inked
Morpankh 🦚 DIY learning paint of peecock feather 🪶
for this pin only lerning of feature painting