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What is killing classical music? [infographic]

Today's Art Bit: "… classical music has endured because it has been made American. Talk to anyone who performs, composes, promotes, or organizes anything in this field and the blaze is palpable. It is not a profession for the apathetic.

World of Religion Infographic

The National Post‘s graphics department takes a look at how the world’s religions break down. Discover popularity of religions around the world

hartleyfamilyorguk Hartley Family

Great map of Doggerland, a landmass that is now northern Europe and the North Sea. People once lived here, before sea level rose. From National Geographic.

Remind yourself

Remind yourself



Music - Know wonder they say music soothes your soul.  Love and Light

"After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible . is music." ----Aldous Huxley (No wonder they say music soothes your soul.

From my experience, this is a very true statement.

Albert Einstein quote: "I know that the most joy in my life comes has come to me from my violin"

jazz 30's

Margulis all time greatest trumpet hits, album cover, artist unknown, 1959 ♫